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PHase 1


Do you like cereals? Which one is your favorite? Eat them with milk? almond milk? soya milk? oat milk? or even chocolate or strawberry milk? CEREAL KILLERS NFT collection will be a 666 piece for phase 1. It will feature the most beloved cereals & milks. They will also feature your favorite movie slashers with multiple famous NFT traits. I heard they LOVE cereals.


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  • A collection without LEGENDARIES is not a true collection. There will be 6 legendaries! 

  • 6 milk bottles that will eventually reveal rares. As vials work. 

  • 6 Slashers - Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Chucky, Pennywise and Leatherface. These will have different rarities and will be based on actual movie grossing. - ex: Halloween #1

  • 6 cereals - Lucky charms, Cheerios, Mini-Wheats, Cap'N'Crunch, Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops. Rarities will also be based on actual IRL popularity

  • Milks! Yes! Different popular milks as backgrounds, face drips and bottles.

  • There Will Be Blood, chronic & rainbows. Some will also pay hommage to respected degens from the NFT community

PHase 2
  • FREE NFTS TO HOLDERS!!! Yes, phase 2 will another collection with new characters, cereals & traits. Holders with certain traits/rarities will get free NFT or WL for phase 2 collection.

  • Discord - Yes we might add Discord if collectors request it... Its actually already up somewhere...

  • Depending on phase 1 success, Roadmap / Utility will be updated. Collectors will decide on the future of this. Consider this collection more as 1/1 art then huge PFPs

  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Hi, I'm BEEL


I'm a 41 yrs old VFX artist. I've graduated Visual Arts University in 2007. Currently a fulltime visual effect artist in the movie industry for the past 20 years. Part time photographer, I shoot videos and love to paint. For 2022, I've decided to dip my toes in the NFT industry.


See you soon, BEEL.

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